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Cup with symbols of friendship, health and happiness

Číše se symboly přátelství, zdraví a štěstí (1).JPG

Glass clear and ruby, gold. Massive round, low base, with ruby line. Glass of cylindrical shape. Bottom of grapevine with grapes and leaves, painted in ruby staining with gilding. Three framed medallions with symbols of happiness, friendship and health. Painted ocher, white and gold colors on ruby staininig. Top edge with gilding residue. Biedermeier, Bohemia 1840 - 1860. Height 11.5 cm, width 8 cm.

  • Measure: height 11,5 cm, width 8 cm
  • Material: clear and ruby glass, gilded
  • Description: Bohemia 1840 - 1860
  • Price: 1.700 CZK
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