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Cup and saucer, coffee - Schlaggenwald

Šálek s podšálkem, kávový - Slavkov (1).JPG

White porcelain, painted and gilded. Cup funnel-shaped, ribbed, decorated with blue and gold top line, painted small flowers. Low round foot. The bracket is gold line. Round squared saucer, with ribs, same decor as the cup. Marked from below - Schlaggenwald, Czechoslovakia 1918 - 1945. Height 5,5 cm, width 11.5 cm.

  • Author: Schlaggenwald
  • Signed: from below
  • Measure: height 5.5 cm, width 11.5 cm
  • Material: white porcelain, painted, gilded
  • Description: Czechoslovakia 1918 - 1945
  • Price: 1.200 CZK
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