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Column clock, with veduta - Biedermeier

Sloupkové hodiny, s vedutou - Biedermeier (1).JPG

Wood, brass, alabaster, glass, metal. Rectangular base of black lacquered wood, in the middle narrowed. At the bottom of the cut gilded ornament of the pearl. In the middle part two alabaster columns, with gilded wooden capitals and basis. In the middle of the hourly box, with a clock machine. A brass guilloche dial with black-painted Arabic numerals. Metal clock hands. Flat ledge with low posts. Three arched roofs. Middle roof, on the front, with a painted view of the spa town. Terminated by a triangular shield. Clock machine with anchor step, pendulum, quarter beating. Brass pendulum round, decorated with embossed head of Helios. Biedermeier 1840 - 1850. Height 56 cm, width 36 cm, depth 14.5 cm. Without a guarantee running accuracy.

  • Measure: height 56 cm, width 36 cm, depth 14,5 cm
  • Material: wood, brass, glass, alabaster
  • Description: Central Europe 1840 - 1850
  • Price: 26.000 CZK
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