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Bust Eugenie Fleckove - Frantisek Duchac Vyskocil

Bysta Eugenie Flečkové - František Ducháč-Vyskočil (1).JPG

Patinated plaster in terracotta color. The portrait bust of a little girl, with a ribbon with a bow in her hair and shirt with a collar. Rectangular, graduated plinth. Signed on the plinth in front - F. Vyskocil. Inside and pasted paper - with description and name of portrait girl. Bohemia, year 1914. Height 38 cm, width 33 cm, depth 15 cm.
Frantisek Duchac - Vyskocil (16. 4. 1886 Horice - 8. 7. 1927 Horice) sculptor and medalist
He studied at the C. a k. School of sculpture and stonemasonry in Horice, under Vaclav Suchomel, in Prague at the Academy of Fine Arts under prof. Myslbeka. He was a legionnaire. He exhibited in Prague - Topic Salon.

  • Author: Frantisek Duchac - Vyskocil
  • Signed: signed on the pedestal
  • Measure: height 38 cm, width 33 cm, depth 15 cm
  • Material: patinated plaster
  • Description: Bohemia, year 1914
  • Price: 5.900 CZK
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