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Art Nouveau ceramic vase, relief ornament and medaillon

Secesní keramická váza, reliéfní ornament a medailon (1).JPG

Colored glazed ceramics. Style and period - Art Nouveau. Classic amphora shape, with two side handles - with embossed and pruned decor. Decorated with light brown, ocher, iridescent glaze, in antique style with cracking. The lower arched part is decorated with a dark embossed band. Embossed dark medallion on the front, with flowing glaze. Indistinct embossed numbers and letter from below. Bohemia (Central Europe) 1900 - 1910. Height 26 cm.

  • Signed: marked from the bottom
  • Measure: height 26 cm
  • Material: glazed ceramic
  • Description: Bohemia 1900 - 1910
  • Price: 2.500 CZK
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