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A couple of glasses Versace - Rosenthal, Bleikristall

Pár skleniček Versace - Rosenthal, Bleikristall (1).JPG

Colorless and matt glass, gold. Octagonal shape. Massive floor with relief antique head. The upper edge decorated with gilded ornament and gold meander lines. Marked Paper Label - Rosenthal, Bleikristall Germany, Versace, Studio - Linie Germany, Versace. Germany, 3/3. 20th century. Height 9 cm, width 8 cm.

  • Author: Versace, Rosenthal
  • Signed: marked, paper label
  • Measure: height 9 cm, width 8 cm
  • Material: glass colorless and matt, gilded
  • Description: Germany 1980 - 1990
  • Price: 2.900 CZK
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